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great tasting nut butters.

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Go Nuts, Co.™ was literally formed by a “Health Nut” eager to find the perfect blend of healthy ingredients for an amazing and nutritous snack like peanut butter and almond butter.

   ► Lower Carbs                      ► No Salt Added               ► Low Saturated Fat         ► No Added Oil

   ► Higher Protein                  ► No Trans Fats                 ► Added Omegas             ► No Preservatives


All of our nut butters are made with the highest quality ingredients:

►  The finest dry roasted nuts. Dry roasted with no added oil.

      Therefore the product is drier, crisper, and less caloric!  Everybody loves less calories!.

►  Achieves its higher protein, by adding the highest quality protein.

►  Some of our flavors acquire their sweetness from Xylitol** derived from Birch or Pure Cane Sugar

      depending on the flavor.

►  Heart Healthy with added Omegas from ground Flax meal.


Our Chocolate Nut Butters contain all our standard ingredients plus:

►  Made with chocolate and real vanilla. Chocolate may stimulate Endorphins, producing a pleasurable sensation!

►  Made with Cocoa. Cocoa has a compound in it called "Epicatechin",  also known as Catechins which function as

      Antioxidants and may prevent the absorbtion of carbohydrates that increase blood sugar levels. Epicatechin is

      an antiinflamatory, which may maintain healthy brain function, improve blood vessel function, improve

      cardiovascular function, help with fatigue and sleep deprivation. Cocoa is also very rich in Flavinoids which may

      reduce the risk of many chronic illnessess such as Cancer, Stroke, Heart Disease, and Diabetes. With Cocoa,

      you may receive benefits of: well being, alertness, energy, and positive mood, without all the Fat, Sugar, & Dairy!



**Xylitol is a sugar alcohol used as a natural sweetener, found in the fibers of many fruits and vegatables.

    Xylitol has many benefits to humans. Please be aware xylitol may be harmful to dogs.


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